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About Simon Gould, Author Of This Website

Hello, I'm Simon Gould. I thought I'd write a few words about my background in exercise and fitness equipment which I hope will tell you the information I'm giving you is up to date and worth reading.

Simon Gould, Author

Ever since I was at school I've been into exercise and was a member of the school athletics team. As I grew up I started going to gyms and would use treadmills and ellipticals to help me work out when the weather was bad. It was only natural that when I was old enough to work it would be in the fitness equipment industry.

I started work at Sears in the fitness equipment and sporting goods section. It was my job to know everything about their fitness equipment so I could guide our customers to the most appropriate piece of equipment for them. It was enjoyable because I was able to use the very equipment I was selling so I knew what I was talking about. The customers often sent us letters regarding the good advice of myself and the team.

Simon Gould using an elliptical

I then started work at a few gyms before I started making websites in 2005. My first website was about fitness and I've been making websites about fitness and fitness equipment ever since. By successfully promoting fitness equipment I've been invited to many manufacturers offices to test their equipment which enables me to write a more accurate and thorough review of the equipment. This is why with this website Pro Elliptical Rater I'm able to give very detailed descriptions and ratings because I have used the ellipticals shown. As well as that I often do research on people who have had the equipment a long time to see if they stand the test of time. This is important as this is not something I can quickly gauge when testing the product. However a warranty will often give away how much confidence the manufacturer has in the elliptical lasting.

That said I hope you find this website useful and that you're able to achieve your fitness goals as a result of the information I've given. Goodbye!

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