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Sole E35 Elliptical Review

The Sole E35 is the mid range elliptical from Sole Fitness. It features a smooth, natural and quiet ride because of it's heavy duty flywheel and pedals that run on rails.

The E35 has many similar features of the E25 except it has a better warranty and maximum user weight. It's slightly sturdier and bulkier so a bigger warranty can be applied to it. With this though you do pay slightly more ($300). So it's a trade off as to whether you want an elliptical that will last longer or not.

Console4 stars
Programs3 stars
Features4 stars
Max User Weight4 stars
Warranty4 stars
Value4 stars

For more info go to Sole/E35

Sole E35 Elliptical
Sole E35 Elliptical
Console4 stars
The console is the same as the E25 and that's not a bad thing. The E25's console is a good one. I went through the whereabouts of the buttons and features it has on the E25 review. It's a modern console with a fan and ipod station with internal speakers. Some of the speakers are good although if you're used to a more professional sound you may prefer using your own sound system.

It's an above average console and well laid out which is why it get's 4 stars. To get the maximum of 5 stars it just has to have that little bit extra. Some ellipticals have pictures of mountain ranges before you to ride through which gives you that little bit of motivation. The console on the E35 still lets you select any different setting you want easily and quickly which is ultimately what you want from a console.

Programs3 stars
You have a range of programs for the E35. I like the hill one for a good challenge. As the name suggests the elliptical will change it's settings as you ride to go up and down a hill. So be prepared for a steep incline and resistances that rise to a peak and then tails off. This is good for you because it gives you a variety of toning from different amounts of exertion.

Unlike the E25 a heart rate chest strap is included with this E35. This makes the 2 heart rate control programs come to life, they're no good without the chest strap. These 2 programs monitor your heart rate and change the settings of the elliptical to maintain a percentage of your maximum working heart rate. This is one of the most effective ways of exercising and the E35 has it.

As with all the Sole ellipticals the E35 has 2 custom programs. I always like to see this and not every elliptical I've reviewed here has them. As you have 2 one could be for you and one for another member of the family. You have the ability with this of making your own program. You can make it as easy or as hard as you like and you can change it anytime, it's a great feature.

Features4 stars
One feature that is always welcome is the ability to change the resistance and incline settings from a thumb control on the handlebars. This means that you don't have to take your hands off the handlebars to change the settings as you go. Anyone who's tried to change the settings on the console and then try and grip the handlebars after knows what a great and important feature this is.

Features that will always get a 4 stars which is very good and above average is one like an incline ramp. This makes the elliptical a lot better than standard. To have the ability to work different parts of the lower leg, thighs and buttocks which is what the ramp does is excellent. People buy an elliptical to shape the body as well as lose weight and this feature means you can do both easily.

The E35 is able to be shipped with no extra charge and no sales tax to the continental US. This is important and should make you think more positively about the overall price. It will need assembly and I always recommend you have two people available for delivery and assembly. So ideally with your two people when it's delivered, move the box to the room you want the elliptical and both of you assemble it there.

Max user weight4 stars
The maximum user weight is 375 lbs or 170 kg. This is actually really impressive for an elliptical of this cost. I always say that the maximum user weight is a good impression of how long the elliptical will last especially combined with the warranty. The user weight of 375 lbs is 4 stars and 400 lbs would have been 5 out of 5. So although this isn't the max this is still very much a plus for the Sole E35.

Warranty4 stars
The warranty is lifetime for the frame, 5 years parts and electronics, and 2 years labor. This is a lot better than the E25 and justifies the price increase especially when you consider the maximum user weight is greater too. I always go for 2 years in home labor and you have that here with the E35. You won't get anymore years of in home labor whatever the price or brand so this is highly recommended.

Value4 stars
At the time of writing this E35 is $1,299.99. I must say this is cheaper for an elliptical and is approaching the price I would normally recommend you pay. It is good value for what you're getting. This is a cheaper elliptical even at this price and you pay for what you get. Other ellipticals I've reviewed at this price have better scores so perhaps the overall score is more important here.

Overall 76%
So the price is good for the scores I've given the E35. It's an above average elliptical that gets average for the programs and they are not necessarily the most important feature. Remember Sole Fitness is a good make, they are favored in hotels as well as their home ellipticals which is what I've reviewed here. This E35 sells well and there are very few complaints. It's even got a "best buy" on one reliable website so keep your options open.

The elliptical scores well and the price is right. I would always recommend spending this or more. The home page displays all the ellipticals with their total score and their price in order. So that is a good place to start. I will say as with nearly every elliptical reviewed here, if you have your heart set on it, then it's a good piece of home exercise equipment. I've only reviewed the ellipticals worth owning and this is one of them.

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