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Yowza Miami Elliptical Review

The Miami is the latest high technology elliptical from Yowza Fitness. It has only been released this year and has shown itself to be a leader in home fitness and weight loss.

As you approach the Miami you can see it's a formidable machine. It's designed for years of physical activity and it looks like it. It's packed full of features to help the whole family get the most from their workouts and enjoy them too. You will be able to track your progress as you get fit and lose weight all at the same time.

Console5 stars
Programs5 stars
Features5 stars
Max User Weight5 stars
Warranty5 stars
Value3 stars

For more info go to Yowza/Miami

Yowza Miami Elliptical
Yowza Miami Elliptical
Console5 stars
The console is technologically advanced as you'd expect and everything is simple and straight forward. All the buttons are labeled and situated conveniently just in front of you as you workout. I like that there is a tablet rack for an ipad or similar device. Being able to read or investigate some fitness routines makes your own more enjoyable.

One feature this console has that I have not seen on any other is the Bluetooth speaker. You can use this to play any music or radio you want from a Bluetooth enabled device. This transmit's the sound without using cables. The console has a 3 speed fan so if you get hot whilst exercising, and who doesn't, you'll be able to keep yourself cool. The main display is large and helpful and contains your exercise stats.

Programs5 stars
All Yowza Fitness ellipticals come with a good range of programs. With the Miami being the best it has the most on offer as you'd expect. I like a challenge so the endurance program particularly appealed to me. When you start it you enter your weight, difficulty level (1 to 8) and resistance. The program slowly takes you to a higher resistance level over time then a low one to recovery.

Endurance is program number 7 and can be customized in many different ways. It can be made suitable for a beginner or an expert who can both get a good workout. All the programs are customizable in this way. Yowza have not neglected any standard of user with any equipment they make and this is true of the Miami. You will enjoy trying out the different programs on offer to see which you like best.

Another program I like is the interval one and, as always, this can be modified for your skill level too. Interval training is popular with athletes and involves having a preset time where the workout is hard followed by a recovery. This is repeated several times. So for an elliptical like the Miami the resistance increases for a brief time then lowered for a recovery. This helps weight loss and builds muscle strength.

Features5 stars
There is a new piece of technology on the Miami and that's the egg shaped rotating grips. Ellipticals usually have forward and back motions to train the upper body. This neglects the core which this egg technology targets. By using these rotational devices your core has a concentrated workout increasing weight loss as well as inch loss around that region.

As well as having an electronically variable stride length the Miami has an electronically adjustable incline. This goes up to an industry leading 60%. Just as climbing stairs or running up a hill is more challenging so is an incline. This targets your leg muscles in a different way adding more muscle tone and definition to those areas. You can adjust the incline with just a touch of a button on the console.

The Yowza Miami as with every elliptical on this site will require some assembly. I have not assembled it so I can not comment on it. You are advised however to use two people if you want to assemble this yourself. What I recommend is you use the Professional Assembly Service and have an experienced Yowza Professional to assemble the elliptical in your home. There is an additional cost but I think it's worth it.

Max user weight5 stars
The maximum user weight is 400 lbs or 181 kg. This is the best you'll find for a home elliptical which is why it gets 5 stars. You don't need more than this, if you do weigh more then don't buy an elliptical and start something less load bearing like swimming. If you do weigh less then you can be confident that the Miami can handle your weight and most people's weight within your family.

Warranty5 stars
The warranty for the Miami is lifetime for the frame and braking system, 10 years parts and electronics, and 2 years in home labor. The 10 years of parts and electronics is the stand out feature of the warranty. Electronics can go wrong but Yowza Fitness are confident about the quality of their product so they give you a 10 year warranty.

Value3 stars
At the time of writing the Yowza Miami is $2,850.00. This is the most expensive elliptical I've featured, I can't give it more than 3 stars. What this means is that I think the value is ok, not good or excellent but ok. It has been available at a higher cost before so it has been reduced. If you don't have the money then you can still get a good elliptical but if you want the latest technology then here it is.

Overall 93%
This is not the highest mark that an elliptical I've tested has received, it's 2nd place. The only reason is the value lets it down. This is still the best elliptical I've reviewed but the price may limit some people from being able to get it. If you have the money then go for it, you will have bought an excellent elliptical that should provide you with years of service.

Ellipticals are becoming increasingly popular compared to treadmills because they are gentler on the knees and other joints. Home ellipticals are getting far closer to the commercial ones you find in your local health club. I prefer home ellipticals because they tend to have more features than your standard club one. The Yowza Miami certainly lives up to that. Who's ever heard of a Bluetooth speaker on an elliptical at the gym?.

I have tested a lot of ellipticals over the years. However, what do I think of the Miami? I would say that if you seriously want to get fit and lose weight. Or if your aim is to maintain the health and fitness that you already have. Then this would suit you perfectly. If you can afford it, then it is the one to go for. You won't be disappointed now or after many years of productive workouts you'll get with the Miami.

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